About me

Everybody has got a story.


My goal is to lovingly portray that story with beautiful pictures. That is what I love doing the most and that is what I am best at. During the last couple of years, I have combined wedding photography – both in the Netherlands and abroad, with traveling to beautiful destinations. I have discovered that I get closest to myself when I travel. Detached from expectations. detached from possession, full of confidence. Traveling brings me peace and balance which connects me with myself and the people I meet along the way. The beautiful encounters and new cultures bring out the best in me and my photos.

That is why I am going to combine those. Traveling and photography. Between the end of 2018 and beginning of 2020, I will leave my base in Amsterdam to capture beautiful stories all around the world, with love. Your loveshoot or wedding shoot, your (work)life, your story, on the other side of the world. People enrich my journey, so that is why I would love to meet you! Do you want to keep track of where I am? Follow my photography adventures on Instagram, Polarsteps and Facebook.

Spontaneous trips – the golden hour – surprising encounters – the smell of fresh coffee in the morning – a cold glass of wine under the setting sun – the time that seems to have stopped during endless conversations – natural friendships – daydreaming in the car on the way to a booking – being able to make your own decisions with support from home –  deep love for friends and family – making the most of it – living without obligations – lover of the Spanish lifestyle – always true to myself – open for ideas – enjoying the little things but always looking for greater happiness – aspiring to be the best version of myself.
The view from the ferry to Amsterdam Central station – photographing in the evening light – urge for new adventures – constantly wanting to prove myself – pushing boundaries – watching people on the streets and imagining what their stories are – discovering new cafés in the cutest neighborhoods of Amsterdam – silently wandering on the Zuringkade – photographing the most important people in my life – cooking a meal with exactly the ingredients I like – being able to make my own choices – unexpected company on a seemingly boring night – a plate with the most delicious cheeses and red wine in the winter – conversations with open-minded people.

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